Efficient Waste Gas Treatment for the Semiconductor Industry

In the semiconductor industry various process gases are used. These gases can pose a risk to the production facility, employees and the environment if they are not treated in the right way. DAS solutions work efficiently, fully automated and sensor-controlled for the best abatement results.

Dangerous Process Gases Require Modern Waste Gas Solutions

In many production procedures of the high-tech industries — such as etch, CVD and epitaxy processes — critical gases are used and waste gases produced which need to be treated directly. These waste gases, considered greenhouse gases, are toxic and/or highly flammable and very often pose a significant risk to production facilities and the environment. The semiconductor industry, for instance, uses perfluorocarbons, whose global warming potential is extremely high and therefore requires an efficient waste gas treatment.

Combining and transporting different gases into a fab’s central waste gas system might produce highly flammable and highly explosive gaseous mixtures, which in the past has occasionally caused the total loss of entire production facilities. Particles contained within gases may also cause exhaust blockages. To eliminate these risks, process waste gases need to be treated at the “Point-of-Use” (POU) where harmful exhausts are abated immediately. This can be managed by burn/wet systems, wet scrubbers and electrostatic filters.

Wafer Manufacturing Process

Wafer Fertigung Prozesskreislauf
  1. Epitaxy
  2. CVD
  3. ETCH
  4. CMP
  5. Wet Cleaning
  6. CVD
  7. Wafer Dicing

Flexible Point-Of-Use Solutions for Waste Gas Treatment

Since 1991 the POU equipment, developed and manufactured by DAS Environmental Expert GmbH, has mastered the task. DAS equipment can be used for practically all modern coating and etching equipment of the chip industry. Waste gases are treated safely and in an environmentally compatible way, with exhaust gases meeting the legal requirements. DAS technology is based on a flexible, integrated product concept. The smallest equipment fits into a closet of less than a 1 square meter footprint. DAS technology is fully automated and sensor-controlled and meets the highest certified safety standards.

DAS service for waste gas abatement systems