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Semiconductor manufacturers use a variety of high GWP gases to create intricate circuitry patterns upon silicon wafers and to rapidly clean chemical vapor deposition (CVD) tool chambers. Semiconductor manufacturing processes use high GWP fluorinated compounds .

Although the use of fluorinated GHGs did not begin until the late 1980s, their application facilitated the development of significantly more complex and faster processing semiconductors. The continued availability and use of these gases are considered to be critical to the future success of the industry.

Estimating fluorinated GHG emissions from semiconductor manufacture is complicated and has required a significant and coordinated effort by the industry and governments. It was historically assumed that the majority of these chemicals were consumed or transformed in the manufacturing process. It is now known that under normal operating conditions, anywhere between 10 to 80 percent of the fluorinated GHGs pass through the manufacturing tool chambers unreacted and are released into the air.

In addition, fluorinated GHG emissions vary depending on a number of factors, including gas used, type/brand of equipment used, company’s product, the specific process parameters, number of fluorinated GHG-using steps in a production process, generation of fluorinated GHG by-product chemicals, and whether appropriate abatement equipment has been installed.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions

DAS Solutions … Burn/Wet Systems

The combination of burning & scrubbing is used in several DAS products for the treatment of different dangerous and harmful waste gases. Our compact solutions have a small footprint and are easy to maintain. Operation costs and general safety can be optimised with a process tool interface.



Our Basic System for Process Waste Gas Treatment


The ESCAPE product line is the basis of our point-of-use burner-scrubber technology which is well-established for more than 25 years on the market. Gas Scrubber (burn/wet) offers flexible and customised applications for the abatement of almost all process waste gases in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. Media supply is variable.



Waste Gas Treatment for Waste Gases from Demanding CVD Processes


The STYRAX product family was specifically developed to manage demanding waste processes like CVD processes in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. Our application specialists ensure customized configuration of the burn/wet system. In this way, media consumption can be adopted flexibly.


Waste Gas Treatment for Waste Gases from Demanding CVD Processes


The UPTIMUM product line has been designed for higher tool uptime especially in CVD processes in the semiconductor and solar industry. The product name UPTIMUM refers to the term “Uptime“ underlining the high availability of the burn/wet system. The tool can be applied to different applications.

Systems and Solutions for Clean Air

DAS Environmental Experts offers custom-fit and effective solutions to manufacturers of high-tech products worldwide. We develop and produce Point-of-Use abatement solutions for waste gas streams between 1 m³/h and up to 5.000 m³/h. DAS Environmental Expert waste gas abatement systems are capable of treating condensable, flammable, corrosive, reactive, toxic and/or pyrophoric waste gases, as well as fine dusts. Our customers from the semiconductor/MEMS and solar industries, and the TFT and LED sectors, profit from the technological expertise of our DAS specialists worldwide.


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