Wastewater Treatment in Landscape Preservation Areas and the Tourism Industry

Landscape preservation areas are often protected by strict regulations regarding wastewater treatment before treated wastewater can be reintroduced into natural bodies of water or public systems. Nature reserves are often tourist magnets. With high rates of water consumption, hotels and accommodations such as mountain huts that are located in these areas face stringent guidelines. Specific conditions concerning the interference with nature, like those found in national parks, pose additional challenges for the building design of wastewater treatment plants.

Seasonal Fluctuations Pose Challenges to Wastewater Treatment Plants

Seasonal fluctuations, which typically occur in hotel operations, often impose stresses on  classic wastewater treatment plants. In the off-season, biological degradation efficiency inevitably decreases; and, with the start of the season, volume and organic load of inflowing wastewaters to the wastewater plant increases. Depending on the season, the adaptation of the degradation efficiency can take several weeks. During this time, official limit values of discharge waters often cannot be maintained. Cost-effective direct discharge into water bodies or the odor-free irrigation of parks and green areas are no longer an option. Our intelligent and modern solutions help avoid

cost-and-maintenance-intensive solutions. DAS Environmental Expert methods for wastewater treatment have a modular design and offer space-saving, biological solutions for wastewater treatment and wastewater recycling. Using these processes, wastewaters from communal facilities, restaurants, pools and swimming ponds can be treated in a chemically-free, environment-friendly and sustainably manner. Using treated water subsequently for the irrigation of green spaces makes this process cost-effective, particularly in arid regions.

Energy Efficient Wastewater Treatment During Seasonal Fluctuations

DAS solutions are closed, clean systems for the treatment of wastewater that can easily be integrated into existing processes. The systems cleanse, disinfect and treat wastewater for usage in green spaces and handle inflow-fluctuations due to seasonal variations in hospitality businesses with ease. DAS Environmental Expert wastewater systems can be run in a closed loop, thus maintaining their biological degradation capacity over several months. This technology integrates pre-and-post-processing and is characterized by low energy requirements and low maintenance costs. DAS Environmental Expert offers a comprehensive service for operation and maintenance of your treatment plant.

Your Advantages

  •  Automatic adaptation to fluctuating loads
  • Safe biological treatment during times of under-load
  • Closed, clean systems
  • Minimum energy-and-cost expenditures
  • Compact system, easy to integrate in basement
  • Competent DAS service

Areas of Application

  • Landscape preservation areas such as National Parks
  • Hotel and Resort facilities
  • Holiday Villages
  • Hostels and Mountain Huts
  • Restaurants
  • Country Clubs