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DAS teams work in 9 offices on three continents on the development of our products and the service for our installed base. In this way, we facilitate fast response time, intense customer support and a constant eye on industry trends.

The internationalization of the company has started at a very early stage. At the end of the 1990ies founder Dr. Horst Reichardt dared to enter the Taiwanese market and explored the Asian market from there. Few years later, the foundation of the US American branch followed.

Our Branches in Asia


DAS Environmental Equipment China Ltd.
Room 203–2, Building 1, 
No. 690 Bibo Road
Zhangjiang Micro-Electronics Port
201203, Shanghai, P.R. China
P: +86 21 61109669


DAS Environmental Equipment Korea Ltd.
Room 778, 7th Floor, Asia Plaza Bldg.,
61, Dongtanmunhwasenteo-Ro,
P: +82 31 613 6621

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