Turnkey Solutions for Wastewater Treatment in Semiconductor Industry

In the last 15 years, we at DAS EE have designed and built wastewater treatment plants for customers on four continents. In close cooperation with our clients, our environmental experts always design the best approach for your wastewater treatment plant.

In the semiconductor industry, wastewater is generated from various production and cleaning processes as well as subsequent waste gas treatment. At DAS Environmental Experts, we are specialists in the treatment of such wastewater. Whether you‘re looking to upgrade an existing wastewater system or starting from scratch, our team of experts can work with you to develop a customized solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Centralized, semi-centralized or POU systems

Different customers and facilities have different needs and requirements which also affect the size-selection of the wastewater treatment system. We offer solutions for the entire system size-spectrum, giving our customers the flexibility to choose the approach that best suits their specific requests. Moreover, the modular design of the system components allows delivering them ready-to-connect to the customer’s facilities.

DAS EE Water Treatment in the Semiconductor Industry

Our portfolio includes among others:

  • Removal of organic contaminants, measured as chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), from wastewaters
  • Removal of heavy metals or other toxic compounds
  • Treatment of chemical mechanical polishing/planarization (CMP) wastewater
  • Treatment of silicon waste
  • Treatment and polishing of wastewater containing fluoride and arsenic
  • Treatment of isopropanol (IPA) or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Reuse of treated wastewater (water recycling)
  • Recovery and recycling of valuable metals from wastewater

Benefit from our comprehensive service portfolio

The challenges of wastewater management are not in the core of an industrial company, so DAS EE offers everything from the planning to turnkey plants. Even operating your wastewater treatment system using individual operator models is possible.



Analysis of your Process, Service and Wastewater

In our laboratory we analyze your accrued wastewater concerning composition and biodegradability. Based on this analysis we develop your custom-tailored process to effectively treat your wastewater – from the right process to suitable chemicals. Through our experience we know that in many cases the configuration of the future process plant can already be optimized through a standardized preliminary examination prior to installation. This will save you the cost for investment as well as for future operation. You can be assured of the quality of our service before placing your order.

Planning of your Wastewater Treatment Plant

The planning of your wastewater treatment plant is a joint project between your experts and our experts. Due to our worldwide office structure and partner network we can adopt our system production flexibly to the individual local conditions. Our knowhow and quality aspiration are constantly secured in this way. DAS solutions will always fit your demand – no matter if a single treatment step needs to be installed or a manufacturing site needs to be equipped with a wastewater management system for process, service and wastewater.

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Project Management, Construction, Installation & Start-up from one Hand

Our team provides you with a professional and reliable planning of your wastewater treatment plant. This includes the project management for the whole construction with the respective periphery such as pumps, fittings, measurement and control technology. In addition, we provide panel building and software development for plant control.

Minimize Costs and increase efficiency – we otimize your Wasterwater Treatment Plant

You are not satisfied with the efficiency of your wastewater treatment? Being an expert in that field, we can support you with a detailed analysis of your system regarding optimization potential. Our team can also undertake the implementation of the optimization e.g. by reconstructing or expanding your plant with wastewater cooling and/or aeration. Applying modern heat recovery, you can also increase the energy efficiency of you process water. Further saving potential regarding energy or operating material consumption can be opened using automation processes.

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Service and Maintenance

DAS Environmental Expert offers full service for wastewater technology, regularly maintains your systems for wastewater treatment and monitors their functioning. Remote or on-line monitoring is also part of our service. Our comprehensive service is tailor-made to the individual requirements of our customers and ranges from general supervision to a complete operating contract, where we treat your water for you while you focus on your core business.

Process for the Treatment of Wastewater

As experts in water treatment, we have extensive knowhow in the field of , mechanical, biological and also chemical-physical processes to reduce the specific pollutants in your wastewater to the threshold values. Our expertise is not limited to a specific treatment process but is based on a holistic understanding and evaluation of the wastewater treatment needed.

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Chemical-physical Wastewater Treatment

Sustainable Development Goals

We are supporting the high-tech industries to practice sustainability and green manufacturing.
(Aligned with the sustainable development goals defi ned by UNESCO.)

Preston Nance

Your Contact for all Questions regarding Wastewater Treatment

The optimization possibilities of an industrial wastewater treatment plant are as individual as you are. We would be pleased to determine in a personal discussion with you which potentials exist and how they can be implemented.

Preston Nance

Regional Head of Operations DAS US


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