Wastewater Treatment Technologies by DAS EE

Our core expertise lies in the detailed study, perfect combination and correct design of wastewater treatment processes. We design customized, cost effective complete solutions to meet your needs and requirements.

As experts in water treatment, we offer a wide range of biological, physico-chemical and mechanical wastewater treatment processes.

As a full-service provider, our team will not only help you decide on the ideal combination of processes, but also design, build, maintain and service your plant.

Our Technology Portfolio

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Our biological wastewater treatment plants provide an efficient and flexible solution for the treatment of industrial wastewater. They are used to break down organic wastewater constituents, as well as ammonium and nitrate contamination. State-of-the-art biological treatment processes are used.

Wasser mit Ölspur
Filtration als chemisch/physikalisches Verfahren zur Abwasserbehandlung

Chemical and Physical Wastewater Treatment

Chemical-physical wastewater treatment processes are robust, efficient and cost-effective worldwide. We develop the best solution for you, taking into account economic and environmental conditions and requirements.

Dr.-Ing. Anita Haupt

Your contact person on the subject of wastewater treatment processes

Dr.-Ing. Anita Haupt

Abteilungsleiterin Verfahrenstechnik Wasserbehandlung