Case Studies for Waste Gas Treatment

Since 1991 DAS Environmental Experts has developed and produced client-specific point-of-use facilities for waste gas treatment. Burn/wet systems, pyrolysis or gas scrubbers — DAS offers a large portfolio for industrial waste gas treatment. On the following pages we present a few case studies on industry specific solutions.

Nitrogen oxides in industries

Protection of the environment and the climate is becoming an important issue for a growing number of people. In past years, attention was primarily on carbon dioxide — which has fallen into disrepute as a “climate killer” — and fine dust. However, nitrogen oxides are currently at the centre of public debate around the world. 

Fallstudie VOC Reduktion
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New Concept for Point-of-Use Abatement of Harmful Gases in Wet Bench Semiconductor Processes

In the field of waste gas treatment it is well established practice to treat exhaust air from wet-chemical processes in semiconductor manufacturing with central wet-scrubbers or, if loaded with VOCs, with central thermal oxidizers.

Reduction of Organic Emissions in the Solar Industry

Contacts of silicon solar cells are printed with metallic pastes on the front and backside of the wafer. The organic components in the paste are evaporated after the printing steps in thermal processes and are exhausted from the oven in a controlled flow of air.

Fallstudie VOC Reduktion
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Cost Reduction at a Silicon Thin Film Solar Cell Mass Production Line

Due to the pressure for cost reduction in a thin film PV production line an effort to reduce the running cost of the waste gas treatment systems was started.