DAS Taiwan and General Village align forces on Arbor Day in 2023

Strong Partnership for Environmental Education

Hsinchu, March 10th, 2023 – together with local partners, DAS Environmental Experts supports the initiatives “Food Forest for New Clothes” and “Travel with A Tree” on the Environmental Sustainability Action Date. By giving away 1,000 saplings of Taiwan’s native trees and inviting young students to plant greenery for the outdoor public green space in the “General Village Food Forest”, the event promotes the concept of proper tree planting, 


while at the same time leading neighbouring elementary school students to replant plants for the food forest to maintain a sustainable ecology through a sapling-giving ceremony and gardening experts. For this purpose, DAS joined hands with the Hsinchu Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Environmental Protection Bureau of Hsinchu City, Hoh Market, and schools and groups in Hsinchu.

The “General Village Food Forest” in Hsinchu

The “General Village Food Forest” in Hsinchu spans over 660 ping (equals around 2.185 sqm), primarily following the low-carbon designs of natural forests to create a green ecological space in the city to achieve the purpose of food production and ecological afforestation.  While providing a fun experience of urban greening, it also offers interesting experiences of farming and food gathering to the general public, drawing the attention of the public to environmental issues. Apart from tours provided by the volunteer team of the food forest, certified professionals are also employed to take care of trees and plants.

The food forest extensively invites surrounding schools for regular on outdoor education and cooperates with neighboring universities for promoting the concept of food forest. At the same time, it engages in real-time interactions with citizens through the maintenance and operation of the social media website of the “General Village Food Forest.”

DAS EE is committed partner of the General Village since 2020

DAS Environmental Experts is sponsoring the maintenance and operation of the food forest since 2020 as an important part of the companies CSR philosophies and its commitments to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

“Our vision and mission is to maintain clean air and natural water bodies through innovations in industrial waste gas and wastewater treatment technologies, with the goal of striking the best balance between industrial growth and the preservation of natural resources, ensuring global prosperity and social development, and safeguarding the health of people and the environment,” said Alex Shen, Sr. VP DAS Asia & GM DAS TW. “Since the establishment of DAS in 1991, we have been constantly committed to providing returns to local communities from our achievements across the globe. Almost 25 years after the establishment of DAS Environmental Experts in Taiwan, we have also become one of the top suppliers of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan. In addition to assisting in the success of industries in the region, DAS also wishes to do its best for environmental protection; therefore, in the future, we will secure the constant continuation of green values through sponsoring the food forest.”

Taiwan Arbor Day 2023 team

Visitors and Supporters for the Food Forest wanted

Regarding the annual maintenance work for the venue of the “General Village Food Forest,” DAS will continue to nurture citizens to become practitioners of environmental-friendly measures by taking care of city trees and organizing courses to convey sustainable life knowledge, and concurrently create opportunities for citizens to participate in environmental protection at the same time. Except for rooting environmental protection as a part of the daily lives of citizens, General Village is able to continuously provide clean air and leisure spaces for citizens of Hsinchu City. For environmental protection to take root, DAS will also continue to support the group education of schools and guide students to transform their sustainability knowledge into actions of energy-saving and carbon dioxide reduction. In 2023, it is planned to promote the food forest visit activity to 12 neighboring schools.

Taiwan Arbor Day 2023 planting session
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