Clean groundwater thanks to a purification plant from DAS Environmental Expert GmbH

A DAS Environmental Expert GmbH treatment plant is ensuring the production of clean groundwater that can be safely discharged into the Rhine as part of a comprehensive site rehabilitation in Grenzach-Wyhlen, a municipality in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The ‘Kesslergrube’, located right on the bank of the Rhine, was once a multi-disposal landfill used by industrial companies, waste collection services and communities to dispose of municipal waste, excavation material, rubble and industrial and commercial waste. Local company Roche was among a number of chemical companies to use it to dispose of waste from its production, predominantly solid, non-combustible residue, such as filter aids, metal salts, rubble, ashes, slag and filtration residue.

Currently, the western part of this former landfill (perimeters 1 & 3 north-west) is being rehabilitated. Roche Pharma AG is having potentially contaminated material fully excavated using a dust-tight and soundproof enclosure. The excavation material is thermally treated elsewhere and the pit is then refilled with clean, uncontaminated soil.

Environmental experts pool their skills

The treatment plan was developed by the prestigious engineering firm HPC AG, based in Harburg (Swabia), Germany. BAUER Resources GmbH, Schrobenhausen, Germany is the general contractor commissioned to oversee the whole rehabilitation project. BAUER Resources GmbH subcontracted DAS Environmental Expert GmbH to construct a groundwater treatment facility.

Safety for people and the environment is Roche’s top priority for the whole rehabilitation. Since the groundwater below the Kesslergrube landfill has also been contaminated with industrial materials, a bored pile wall was erected and well galleries were established in preparation for the excavation measures. These wells should keep the excavation pit dry. In addition, they should also facilitate the purification of the groundwater so that, ultimately, it can be pumped safely into the Rhine.


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Planung Abwasserbehandlung Chemische industrie

Construction of a groundwater treatment facility at a former multi-disposal landfill in Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany

Based on pre­lim­in­ary tests, DAS En­vir­on­mental Ex­pert GmbH de­term­ined an op­timal plant con­fig­ur­a­tion for the treat­ment of the pol­luted ground­wa­ter in the period from March to Septem­ber 2014.