Planning Support for Manufacturers, Building Designers and OEMs

Project Partnership for Optimal Waste Gas Treatment

Cutting-edge, high-tech factories in the semiconductor industry go hand-in-hand with billions of investments in space, buildings and equipment. Early collaborations and reliable partnerships in environmental technology are decisive factors in the success of such investments.

DAS Environmental Experts not only provides plant engineering for waste gas treatment systems, we also serve as a partner in collaboration and development with manufacturers of high-tech products, processing facility suppliers (OEMs) and building planners.

We address the individual challenges of our partners in joint projects. A long-lasting and reliable partnership for the benefit of common technological progress is essential to our mission.

Planning Support for Manufacturers of High-Tech Products

The producers of microchips, LEDs, solar modules and flat screens find themselves under enormous pressure for innovation. The technological race requires high expenditures on research and development as well as innovative approaches from all suppliers. We support our clients with long-standing expertise in the field of environmental technology for the high-tech manufacturing industry.

Our service portfolio includes

  • Innovative solutions for industrial waste gas and wastewater treatment
  • In-house engineering capacities for application–oriented and customer-specific product innovations, ideally developed in research collaborations
  • Additional innovation and service centers in Taiwan and the U.S. to accelerate industry-oriented product advancement
  • Construction and manufacturing in Germany, ISO 9001-and-14001-certified
  • Professional logistics as a certified sender with the German Air Freight Federal Office
  • Easy and safe commissioning through our global service teams
  • Continuous consultation and advancement through our key account management as well as equipment servicing and technical support

Project Support for Building Designers

The planning, development and construction of a high-tech facility is a long-term and highly complex task. Coordinating industrial requirements and local circumstances require foresight and process expertise from all project partners.

We support the designers of high-tech assemblies through the following services

  • Evaluations for optimizing the use of media considering waste gas and wastewater treatment
  • Consulting service for the preparation of feasibility studies and plant evaluations regarding media and factory’s optimal spatial design
  • Collaboration in conducting sustainability analyses and evaluating energy efficiency considerations
  • Support by participating in calls for proposals

Collaboration with Manufacturers of Processing Facilities

DAS Environmental Experts waste gas treatment systems abate process waste gases that occur during etching, wafer cleaning and drying, epitaxy and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), MOCVD (Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition), and TCO (Transparent Conducting Oxides) processes. The advantage of collaborating closely with the manufacturers of these process facilities (OEMs – Original Equipment Manufacturers) is clear: we collaborate with OEMs as a development partner through our in-house innovation team and support them when participating in calls for proposals. Together, we develop novel, innovative, and client-specific product combinations.

DAS offers manufacturers of processing facilities advantages for the improvement of

  • Product Compatibility
  • Footprint
  • Product Integration & Process Monitoring
  • Service Offers and Certifications
  • Environmental Sustainability – compliance with limit values & regulations; increased energy efficiency