Water-Intensive High-Tech Companies Rely on DAS EE Solutions

Reliable wastewater treatment with optimised water consumption — this was the order one of the leading battery producers approached DAS Environmental Expert GmbH with. The goal was to effectively reduce the water demand of the existing waste gas purification plant by intelligent water recycling, thus using limited resources in a responsible way.

The production of batteries and energy storage systems is one of the most water-intensive high technologies. In locations where technological expertise and skilled labour are available, but external conditions are challenging, intelligent process solutions are needed to ensure successful and environmentally sound operations. In order to reduce the dependence on natural resources at the production site and not to burden nature more than necessary, more and more companies are consciously opting for resource-saving solutions. Optimised solutions not only help protect nature and the environment. In the face of rising costs, reusing water can also help to improve economic efficiency.

Physical Water Treatment System by DAS
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