Reuse of waste water

The economical use of water is the responsibility of all people. But above all in industry it is of great importance to handle natural resources carefully and sustainably. For this reason, as a competent expert for wastewater treatment, we have made it our goal to develop optimal processes for individual requirements in the field of wastewater management.

Reuse of wastewater in industry using the example of food production

In many regions of the planet, water is a scarce resource. Water scarcity has a two-fold impact on the food industry. Naturally the agricultural sector needs water for irrigation. And in the food industry, water is essential for a large number of processes. How to efficiently utilise the valuable resource of water is a topic that DAS Environmental Expert GmbH has dealt with for over 25 years. With its many years of experience and extensive competence, DAS can employ its expertise in Latin America in particular, where water scarcity is a current problem.


The purpose-built, complete solutions to keep air and water clean are employed successfully in many industry sectors; in the food industry, including at drinks manufacturers, in dairies, potato processing companies, slaughterhouses and meat processors. All these operations require huge volumes of water. However, water is rare and costly in many regions. For this reason, more and more companies all over the world are increasing their efforts to reduce their water consumption and thereby the costs of fresh water supply and wastewater disposal.

ReUse Water

For a number of industrial enterprises, water treatment is economically worthwhile. Food manufacturers also benefit in particular from a better public image when they make a commitment to save water and protect the environment, thereby demonstrating their corporate social responsibility. DAS Environmental Expert GmbH develops customised solutions for its clients. This is also the case for wastewater treatment, a process for which a wide range of processes is available depending on the specific requirements of the business. Hence it is possible to remove specific substances from wastewater so that the water can be reused in the production process (fit for purpose). However, it is just as feasible that wastewater can be treated in a centralised facility in such a way that achieves an extremely high water quality as the end result. The food industry usually produces wastewater with a high level of organic contaminants. In close consultation with the client, the specialists at DAS Environmental Expert GmbH develop a bespoke solution for each individual case that corresponds to local conditions and facilitates a reliable and cost-effective wastewater treatment process. Oils and fats are separated using flotation. Then the wastewater is pre-treated using a suitable process. This allows contaminants to be broken down, for example, using the moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR), or in the case of smaller volumes of water, the trickle flow reactor (TFR). Other biological processes can be utilised if necessary.

Then membrane technology can be harnessed to separate dissolved substances and particles from the water. In most cases, ultrafiltration is used as it is able to remove solids, macromolecules and microorganisms such as bacteria and yeasts. The end result is water which is already extremely clean. If a higher quality is required, then reverse osmosis can be employed. This process removes all substances which have dissolved in the water, such as salts. In special cases, activated carbon or sand filters can be used.

Whether the processed wastewater is to be used for irrigation or fed back into production processes — the wastewater treatment solutions supplied by DAS Environmental Expert GmbH ensure compliance with the respective legal requirements under all circumstances. Limit values are reliably maintained and the required water quality guaranteed. The systems from Germany are also reliable, low-maintenance and can be run with minimal expenditure and manpower.

Environmental protection promotes the innovative strength of companies

As environmental experts, we take wastewater treatment very seriously. We consider each system of our customers individually and thus uncover optimization potential. Often plants have to be adapted to external conditions but also to developments, e.g. by modification or extension. The South American soft drink producer Refres Now S.A. offers an example for the treatment of waste water and the use of our expertise in the beverage industry. 

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