20 Years of DAS Environmental Expert GmbH in Taiwan


Environmental Technologies for the Taiwanese Hightech Industries since 1997.

20 Years of DAS Environmental Expert GmbH in Taiwan

On May 20th, 2017 DAS Environmental Expert was celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Taiwan branch. The German technology and system provider for Point-of-Use process waste gas abatement solutions started business in Taiwan in 1997 and has contributed to clean air in the region ever since.

World leading semiconductor and electronics companies as well as the photovoltaic industry trust in DAS systems to provide cost efficient abatement of highly contaminated process waste gases. “Especially with the strict environmental regulations in Taiwan, manufacturers are in need of a strong partner. We at DAS Taiwan provide 20 years of experience in adapting to changing requirements and have established a reliable operation model along with highly-qualified service personnel that we continuously train within our company service scheme”, DAS General Manager and Vice President DAS Asia Alex Shen explains.

What started out with only the burn/wet-solution ESCAPE in 1997 has grown to a full-service waste gas abatement portfolio of six state-of-the art product families delivered to successful customers across Taiwan. The first steps into the Taiwanese market were accompanied and supported by industry expert SPIROX, who DAS founder Dr. Horst Reichardt is still very grateful for. “Even when founding DAS in 1991, we saw the significance of Asia’s semiconductor manufacturers, so we placed special focus on their needs and learned from our partners how to support the manufacturers best”, Dr. Reichardt explains.   One essential partner was the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) qualifying DAS installations for new processes. “Our cooperation started at the very beginning of DAS Taiwan. Ever since we witnessed the high environmental and safety standards of their products and the innovative power of the team. DAS technology continuously allowed the industry to follow the mission of green manufacturing.” states SAHTECH Chairman and former Executive Vice President of ITRI, Dr. Shuh Woei Yu.

“We recently installed more than 3,000 systems and are very content with our continuous growth in annually installed systems, employees and revenue over the years”, Alex Shen adds. “We currently employ more than 150 people, roughly 80 per cent of them in Service. Last year’s turnover saw a sevenfold increase compared to 2009 alone.” The reason for this success is not only the companies’ technological expertise but also its unique team spirit. “We share the DAS corporate values driven by the German headquarters: Our focus is on business and family alike. I never experienced anything like that before”, Shen adds.

With such a successful history, DAS Taiwan is looking in the future confidently. “Continuous research and development from the German headquarter guarantee fitting solutions for upcoming technological challenges at our client’s fabs. We are looking to further duplicate our stand-out procedures in other regions”, says Shen. Even though DAS Environmental Expert further expands its competencies in neighboring sectors and also abatement solutions for waste water, DAS Asia’s focus will still be the sustainability of the region’s semiconductor manufacturing. For instance, DAS joined SEMI’s Green Manufacturing Committee in 2010 and is additionally supporting the High-Tech Facility and PV Committees. “Since joining our committees, DAS has contributed a great deal to the ideas of them. DAS not only lives the ideals of the green manufacturing but also delivers the reliable technologies required. So we congratulate to 20 successful years in Taiwan and are looking forward to an on-going prosperous cooperation in the future”, Terry Tsao, President of SEMI Taiwan comments.