DAS announces to be founding member of the new Semiconductor Climate Consortium


The worldwide association on Semiconductor Equipment and Materials  — SEMI – is founding the Consortium to drive progress on climate challenges within the semiconductor industry value chain and support the Paris Agreement and related accords driving the 1.5°C pathway.


Collaboration, Transparency and Ambition

On November 1st 2022, SEMI announced the foundation of the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC). This group is focused on the challenges of climate change and works to speed industry value chain efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in member company operations and in other sectors of the industry´s value chain. 

The collaboration of the member companies, with its accumulated knowledge and innovative technology, will accelerate solutions to the most pressing problems.

The initiative is focussing on three main missions: 


Align on common approaches to continuously improve and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the semiconductor industry value chain.


Publicly report progress and Scope 1, 2, & 3 GHG emissions annually according to the guidelines and principles in the GHG Protocol and agree to key underlying assumptions.


Set near-term and long-term targets in accordance with best available science, with the aim to reach Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions per the GHG Protocol no later than 2050.

DAS EE supports the SCC as founding member

DAS Environmental Experts (DAS EE) decided to join this initiative from the very beginning as founding member. “We are proud to contribute our industry experience and actively strengthen the role of subfab management in environmental protection.” says Dr. Ute Mareck, Senior Director Quality Global and member of the Management Board of DAS EE. “With our technologies for exhaust gas purification, we have long been making a significant contribution to reducing emissions and thus protecting people and the environment.” adds Mareck.

As an environmental technology company, it is DAS´ inherent goal to balance industrial growth with the conservation of natural resources. “Over the last decades, our global industry had a high self-commitment on being a green industry. With this starting point today, we take another important step to enable great progress in achieving climate goals all over the world. We see this consortium as an important opportunity to combine knowledge along the value chain in such a way that new innovations are created.” states Dr. Guy Davies, Director Business Development Global and member of DAS´ Management Board.

DAS HQ Management Board

Aligning forces from its 11 sites worldwide and teaming up with all SCC members, DAS wants to raise potential for saving energy, further reducing climate-damaging emissions and creating material cycles.

The company will contribute to the following climate-related activities:

  • Collaboration for common and ambitious semiconductor value chain climate goals
  • Improving the analysis of climate-related information relevant to the semiconductor value chain
  • Identify opportunities to continuously improve and reduce GHG emissions in the semiconductor industry value chain
  • Collaboration on solutions for climate-related challenges facing the industry value chain, or its members and
  • Development of technical reports, presentations, and position papers.

The initiative will also be presented at the upcoming COP27 — the UN Climate Change Conference taking place from 6 to 18 November 2022 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

More information on:
https://www.semi.org/en/industry-groups/semiconductor-climate-consortium and

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