Pilot plant — Zero-Liquid-Discharge in Membrane Production

New ways in medical technology water management — the establishment of innovative methods for wastewater-free production through energy-efficient treatment of heavily polluted process water from membrane production, is the research goal of the Med-zeroSolvent cooperation project.

Currently, large amounts of water and solvents can already be recovered through recirculation. Nevertheless, concentrates and wastewater containing solvents still accumulate, some of which have to be thermally disposed of at high energy cost.

As specialists for industrial wastewater treatment, DAS Environmental Expert GmbH is developing a pilot plant for the treatment of the solvent DMAc as part of the cooperation project. By coupling a two-stage MBRR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) with a vertical filter, different process combinations and concentrations of the solvent can be tested, so that at the end of the project the suitability of the processes for “zero-liquid-discharge”, i.e. wastewater-free production, can be evaluated.

The project will continue to gather knowledge in the treatment of the exhaust air from the MBBR, as well as in the treatment of solvent-containing wastewater, water recycling and waste heat utilisation.
waste heat utilisation.

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