Start-Up of Point-of-Use Waste Gas Treatment Systems

The start-up of your DAS waste gas treatment system is carried out by our competent worldwide service team directly at site. During commissioning, all connections are checked for leaks and the system is subjected to a 100% functional test. Subsequently, the system is handed over to the customer. The on-site maintenance and service staff is trained and instructed by our service technicians. Of course, a technical documentation (manual) is part of the scope of delivery.

Professional Start-Up of our Gas Treatment Systems

After the start-up, the trainees are instructed in order to carry out preventive maintenance work and standard service. For existing customers, this training can be carried out on customer request, with technical innovations or changes to the system being presented. With the mutual signing of the “start-up protocol” the commissioning is completed (start of the warranty).

Planning of Start-Up

Once the customer has set up the waste gas treatment system on-site including installation and connection to all necessary media in compliance with the required safety standards, he can order commissioning from the DAS service team. The scheduling is done according to customer requirements. We guarantee the start-up within 14 days after the official order.


Before start-up, our experts will check the connections of the systems and / or the component parts. On the basis of a plant-specific start-up protocol, the implementation and documentation of the commissioning and the related functional test are then carried out. The start-up process is finished when the associated protocol has been confirmed by the service employee and the customer.