Waste Gas Abatement with Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters use an electric field to clean process waste gases from particles, aerosols and condensate. Our systems filter micro and nanoparticle-containing or aerosol-containing process waste gases. For the treatment of condensable organic compounds, we offer an electrostatic condensate separator. The compact filters are easy to maintain and require only few space.

Electrostatic Filters – Our Portfolio


EDC – Waste Gas Treatment by Electrostatic Dust Collection at the Point-Of-Use

Our Electrostatic Dust Collector EDC treats of micro and nanoparticle-containing or aerosol-containing process waste gases at the point-of-use. These waste gases accrue for example, in solar cell, Led and semiconductor manufacturing.

Product Overview EDC/EDC-PLUS

JUNIPER – Electrostatic Condensate Separation at the Point-Of-Use

The electrostatic condensate separator JUNIPER is a point-of-use waste air treatment system. The tool reliably and cost-effectively removes condensable organic compounds (VOC´s) like those that accrue in manufacturing fabs in the photovoltaic industry. Many of these organic compounds have a bad odor and many of them are toxic.