Environmental Management with DAS Environmental Expert

DAS particularly emphasizes the required responsibility as an environmental technology company in the most fundamental sense. In addition to developing and manufacturing products for environmental protection, further integrating environmental awareness into all areas of operation is crucial to DAS.

Our ISO 14001 Certification

Since 2014 our environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001. All employees are asked to handle resources responsibly and identify saving potentials.

This allows a common economic success, customer and employee satisfaction and social recognition.

Timeline of Previous Environmental Measures

Collaboration agreement with the ‘Bürgerwiese’ high school regarding support for
• Apprenticeships and further training
• School projects
• The ‘Plant for the planet’ project
• The equipment of the environmental laboratory
Introduction of company cars with BlueMotion technology2012
Successful participation in the ECOPROFIT® newcomers project in Dresden city, Germany2013
Semicon West presentation on DAS´ Environmental Roadmap2013
Introduction of an environmental management system according to ISO 140012014
Successful participation in the ECOPROFIT® club project in Dresden city, Germany2014/2015
Transition to ISO 14001:20152016

The Environmental Program at DAS Environmental Expert GmbH

Besides the sustainable reduction of our CO2 footprint at all our sites worldwide we also work on the continuous improvement of our products along the whole product life cycle. In that area, we put a special focus on the energy efficiency aspects. With the support of our own digital solutions, we devote ourselves to the ideal of a circulatory system where nothing gets lost. Natural resources will not be disposed anymore but reused further and further. In the environmental branch we want to be the leading company with respect to our innovative power and quality standards.