Our Vision and Mission – How We Shape the Future

Sustainable Social Development 

The responsible approach to the use of air and water, our vital resources, is one of the global challenges of our time. Since 1991, DAS Environmental Expert has met this challenge with targeted investments into future-oriented technologies for waste gas abatement and wastewater treatment. As a family enterprise, our primary goal is not benefit or profit maximization. Our goal is to optimize the meaning of our services before benefit and profit maximization.
In the spirit of sustainability, our mission is to build systems that preserve the purity of air and water. Putting the concept of sustainability at the center of our mission leads to better products, consistently motivated employees, cost savings through measures that promote energy efficiency, and long-lasting economic success. In this way, we make a meaningful contribution to safe and life-sustaining conditions in many regions worldwide.

Our Vision – Our Goal

Our innovative technologies for waste gas and wastewater treatment significantly contribute to achieving an optimum balance between industrial growth and the preservation of natural resources.

This balance secures prosperity, enables societal development worldwide, and protects human and environmental health.

Our Aspirations – How We Think and Act

We want to show that economic success and consistent environmental protection can be balanced across various industrial productions. For us, high quality leads to huge gains, therefore, we provide the most suitable solutions with the most effective technologies that are the best for the environment.

We attain the highest standards in complex production processes like those in the high-tech industry, for example. These processes continuously evolve, and their dynamic decisively influences the progress of our society and world economy-at-large.

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Our Mission – How We Develop

Conservation of Resources and Safety

We demonstrate how economic success and consistent environmental protection can be balanced across various industrial productions. We establish the highest safety standards in the global key technologies, and we make those standards possible through our systems. Wherever our treatment systems operate, they sustainably protect air and water.

Based on our solutions, we illustrate the effective and economical treatment of air and water. Through our dedication, we make a significant contribution to the safety of people and the environment.

Innovation and Digitalization

Through our expertise in development, we achieve exceptionally high energy efficiency in all of our environmental technologies. We subscribe to the ideal of the circulatory system where nothing is lost, and natural resources are not disposed, but re-used. To this end, we also develop digitalization solutions that enable our systems to run on even less energy and resources.

Our products and services are central to building long-term value for our clients. We collaborate with our clients on improving processes that are critical to their success. In the environmental sector, we are the company that leads with innovative spirit and quality standards.

Culture and Internationality

Our employees are the foundation of our development, and our collaborative spirit is the prerequisite for strong performance levels. People join our company because the contributions we make to the world are vital to them. In addition, they value our open, respectful and family-oriented company structure.

DAS Environmental Expert aims to be a platform and sponsor for people who are committed to making a difference.

Unsere Werte – was uns wichtig ist.

Global Activity

In the mid-1990s, founder Horst Reichardt, PhD, dared to take the step to Asia, which laid the groundwork for our company’s internationalization. Today, DAS Environmental Expert collaborates on the advancement of environmental technologies for waste gas and wastewater treatment with companies in Europe, Asia and North America. Our most recent achievements in internationalization are the Innovation & Service Centers in Boise, Idaho, U.S.A., and Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Collaboration and Openness within the Team

Our successes are the result of teamwork based on close collaboration and mutual respect. Our corporate culture is characterized by open and honest interaction. The family-like exchange between all of our locations and their diverse cultures is an essential part of our corporate success.

Collaboration and Openness with Our Partners

Collaboration with our partners is characterized by openness and honesty. Our partners value our reliability, the precision of our work and the horizontal organizational structure at DAS Environmental Expert, which encourages employee initiative and responsibility.

Our Values at a Glance — Outward 

  • Valuing Exploration. We welcome and embrace unique new markets and cultures, new technologies, and innovative concepts. We handle risks with courage and perseverance.
  • Valuing Collaboration. We stand for open, honest and transparent interaction with our partners. Our collaboration is characterized by long-term engagement, high quality standards, and uncomplicated interaction.
  • “Made in Germany” Quality. Structure, reliability, precision and order are typical attributes in this value category. The high level of expertise of all of our employees ensures these standards.

Our Values at a Glance — Inward

  • Valuing Collaboration. Internally, we maintain the same values of openness, honesty and transparency in all of our interactions. Our employees share the same high standard of quality and professionalism. Perseverance and uncomplicated dealings characterize our company culture.
  • Valuing High Performance. Advancement is central to DAS Environmental Expert, whether its professional or technical. Sharing the same objectives, assuming project responsibility, and a passion for environmental technology are the uniting attributes of our culture.
  • Valuing Internationality. Our decade-long presence at global markets and our increasing number of international employees have strengthened the cultural understanding within our company, and inspire an atmosphere of respect, compassion, and open-mindedness.