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Sustainability, Safety and Reliability — DAS receives three international awards for its Waste Gas Treatment Facilities

DAS has been recognized for its high performance in the criteria of safety, equipment and sustainability. The company scores with innovative strength, reliability and competence.


DAS is top in sustainability and energy efficiency

As a supplier for waste gas treatment facilities, DAS received award for well performance in energy efficiency at the Supply Chain Management Forum 2020 in the category “spare parts” from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC). DAS Environmental Expert GmbH convinces with its sustainability as well as cost and energy efficiency.

This award not only reflects a long partnership with TSMC, but also represents the work of the entire team, from product development and design to logistics, warehousing, procurement, financing, human resources and technical support.

It is an honour to receive this award from a semiconductor leading company. Our long-term partnership begins on DAS 1st system delivery to TSMC in 2006. We could not be more proud to have found a great partner in TSMC.

DAS Environmental Experts will be continuing to focus on supporting our clients closely – to ensure a fast response with customers issues and proactively, to provide technology and solution to our customers in order for them to cope with fab productivity, safety and environment issues.


TSMC Award 2020

Thanks to DAS there are “Zero Safety Issues” — even under difficult conditions

Also, the Best Safety Partner award from Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (XMC) went to DAS in 2020. With this award, XMC recognized DAS for its high safety standards. In a letter, a representative of XMC expressed special thanks for their active and competent support in the fight against the coronavirus, which first appeared in Wuhan in 2019.

“When the virus broke out, DAS was important in helping us maintain our safety standards. This enabled XMC to achieve the goals of “zero infection” and “non-stop production,” said the EHS supervisor at XMC, expressing his gratitude. The high service quality and work performance of the on-site staff is also appreciated, “Even under these challenging conditions, DAS staff insisted on maintaining customer service. There was not a single safety incident during the 76-day lockdown,” he continues.

XMC is considered market leader for NOR Flash products and has been a customer of DAS for many years. The team at DAS in Wuhan is confident that they will be able to overcome future crises in cooperation with XMC: “Our goal is to continue to provide our customers with the best safety standards, so that we can create a safe and healthy working environment together.”


XMC Award 2020

Best Supplier Award

The 2020 Best Supplier Award from Macronix International Co. Ltd. (MXIC) FAB 5 in the category “equipment” was given to DAS for its waste gas purification systems.

DAS met 100 percent of the supply chain regulations set by MXIC FAB 5 and is considered a role model for all suppliers. DAS is also appreciated for its high safety standards and high level of innovation in its waste gas cleaning systems.

MXIC was founded in 1989 and is a manufacturer of integrated non-volatile memory devices. DAS sold its first emission control system to MXIC in 2001. A close customer relationship has existed ever since.

MXIC Award 2020