Business Units at DAS Environmental Expert

Founded in 1991, DAS Environmental Expert develops and produces individually adaptable environmental technology solutions. Since the beginning, our clients from various industries have profited from our extensive technological expertise.

We Clean Waste Gas and Wastewater from Your Processes

We are closely familiar with our clients’ production processes and know that waste gas abatement and wastewater treatment are two critical points in the production process. We use our expertise to offer custom-fit and effective solutions. DAS Environmental Expert products facilitate cost-effective and safe production, and we continuously advance our solutions.

Our portfolio for waste gas abatement encompasses seven product families based on different treatment technologies. Our business unit wastewater treatment offers our customers a comprehensive package, from wastewater analysis to turnkey delivery and system operation.

Systems and Solutions for Clean Air

DAS Environmental Expert offers custom-fit and effective solutions to manufacturers of high-tech products worldwide. We develop and produce Point-of-Use abatement solutions for waste gas streams between 1 m³/h and up to 5.000 m³/h. DAS Environmental Expert waste gas abatement systems are capable of treating condensable, flammable, corrosive, reactive, toxic and/or pyrophoric waste gases, as well as fine dusts. Our customers from the semiconductor/MEMS and solar industries, and the TFT and LED sectors, profit from the technological expertise of our Dresden specialists. Since the company began, Environmental Expert’s innovations have supported the most recent industry trends. In retrospect, DAS Environmental Expert products have always complied with the market’s drive for innovation and the latest industry advancements of its customers.

Systems and Solutions for Clean Water

For our business unit wastewater treatment, we set the same high standards. As an expert in wastewater treatment, we offer our customers a broad scope of treatment methods to bring specific harmful substances in their wastewater within the range of permissible limit values. Our service portfolio not only comprises the planning and overseeing of a client’s project, it also encompasses repair and maintenance, and the operation of the wastewater treatment plant on the client’s behalf. DAS Environmental Expert systems adapt to all situations whether for the new construction and system engineering for biological and/or chemical and physical processes, or the expansion or optimization of an existing wastewater purification system.

Our specific solutions guarantee high-quality treatment of wastewaters from all industry sectors and waste management. Our treatment systems successfully perform in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the energy industry, the paper and textile industry, the food and beverage industry, the photovoltaic sector and agriculture.

Similar to our solutions for waste gas abatement, our solutions for wastewater treatment are scalable and adaptable to individual customer needs. Our service teams in both business units offer on-site expert service to ensure clean production and optimized operating periods.

Support Structures at DAS Environmental Expert

The same emphasis on quality and innovation applies to our support structure. DAS Environmental Expert continually invests in a global IT-infrastructure to optimize networking among all carriers. As part of a certified quality and environmental management system, we constantly audit and advance internal processes and external collaborations.

In accordance with our company’s steady growth, we continuously intensify our dialogue with all stakeholder groups. Employee satisfaction is a major focus of ours, and we have made it our goal to become a platform and sponsor for people who are committed to making a difference.