History of DAS Environmental Expert

Important milestones from 1991 until today.

Our Milestones

Foundation of the „DAS Dünnschicht-Anlagen-Systeme GmbH“ in Dresden

First Milestone

DAS equips the SIEMENS chip fabrication in Dresden with ESCAPE waste gas treatment technology


Second Milestone

First appearance in Asia (Taiwan) with a local business partner


Third Milestone

Market expansion: Europe, Japan, China, Malaysia, South Korea

bis 2005

Fourth Milestone

Diversification: new business field biological wastewater treatment


Fifth Milestone

Change of name to DAS Environmental Expert GmbH (DAS EE) at the headquarters in Dresden, Goppelner Str. 44


Sixth Milestone

Foundation of DAS China in Shanghai


Seventh Milestone

Market expansion to Vietnam and South America in the field of wastewater treatment

bis 2010

Eigth Milestone

Foundation of DAS Experto Ambiental in Argentina managed by Anke Reichardt


Nineth Milestone

Expansion investment in Dresden and Hsinchu increasing the size of the manufacturing in Dresden and office areas at both sites


Tenth Milestone

Foundation of DAS Environmental Expert USA in San José and Opening of the Service & Innovation Center in Boise, USA


Eleventh Milestone

Foundation of a DAS branch in Singapur and Peru


Twelfth Milestone

25th company anniversary DAS EE; 
René Reichardt becomes managing partner of DAS EE along with his father Dr. Horst Reichardt


thirteenth Milestone

20th company anniversary DAS Taiwan; 
Opening of the Service & Innovation Center in Hsinchu, Taiwan


All Milestones of DAS Environmental Expert

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