Increase the Energy and Performance Efficiency of your Wastewater Treatment

Reduction of the energy demand, the use of operating resources or a change of the quantity and concentration in the influent — there are many reasons for an optimization of existing wastewater treatment plants. DAS EE supports you in optimizing your wastewater treatment and creates a wastewater concept individually adapted to your requirements.

Your Way to an optimized Wastewater System

For an optimization of the wastewater treatment it is necessary to observe the correct target hierarchy. Only in this way can the individual parameters or the wastewater treatment plant be modified in such a way that your individual requirements and wishes are precisely met.

Our experts develop a concrete concept for this, with which we work together with you in 6 steps to optimally adapt the wastewater treatment to your conditions.

Target acquisition & inventory

Preparation of material balances


Planning & Engineering


Result review & report

Optimization Possibilities of a Wastewater Treatment Plant

There is no universal concept for the optimization of a wastewater plant. A solution must always be developed on site at your facility on a project-specific basis: Nevertheless, there are typical starting points which often make a complete new construction unnecessary. an important basis for this is the data from the plant automation.

Strahlbelüfter für besseren Sauerstoffeintrag im Abwasser

Saving Energy Costs through optimal Ventilation System

In a biological wastewater treatment plant with the activated sludge process, the acquisition costs of a new blower make up only a fraction of the total costs, yet decisive optimization potential can be wasted here. For example, does your wastewater treatment plant still operate with classic surface aerators? By using speed-controlled rotary lobe compressors, the energy efficiency of a biological wastewater treatment plant can be significantly increased.

Depending on your specific goal, the experts at DAS Environmental Expert will integrate the appropriate active or passive aeration system into your plant.

Energy Generation from Wastewater

Temperature limits or issues of energy recovery and odor nuisance must not be forgotten when optimizing a wastewater plant. Partial streams that are too cold are a problem for anaerobic reactors, as the bacteria depend on a minimum temperature for their metabolism. However, if the water enters the biological treatment stage too warm, the biomass can be damaged. Another aspect is the development of odors if the wastewater is too warm. In addition, the protection of adjacent water bodies and the organisms living in them plays an important role in plant optimization. There are public regulations of the water authorities, which temperatures have to be kept for direct discharge.

However, wastewater that is too warm can be used, for example, to heat cold fresh water. This helps to optimize the temperatures of the water streams and to reduce the energy demand of the wastewater treatment.

Wärmetauscher für industrielles Abwasser
Dr. Katja Meschke


The optimization possibilities of a wastewater treatment plant are as individual as you are. We would be pleased to determine in a personal discussion with you which potentials exist and how they can be implemented.

Dr. Katja Meschke

Sales Engineer Water Treatment