Wastewater Treatment in the Food Industry: Efficient Use of Water in Manifold Processes

Companies in the food industry need large amounts of water as an ingredient of their products, but also – in large amounts – for the production process and for the cleaning of raw materials, machines and equipment.

Our Industry Focus at a Glance

DAS technology reliably removes solids and lipophilic substances before the process water is treated further using DAS Environmental Expert biological wastewater treatment. Due to the flexibility of the plants, changing product batches are no problem. Find out here how we optimize wastewater treatment in dairies manufacturing as well as meat and potato processing.


Wastewater Treatment in Small and Medium Sized Dairy Plants

Wastewater from dairy manufacturing is mainly produced during the cleaning of manufacturing equipment and delivery vehicles. The stream is usually characterized by peak loads and changing pollutants. Therefore, the wastewater treatment needs to be flexible and individual.

Wastewater Treatment for Potato Processing

In the potato processing industry enormous amounts of water are needed e.g. for the cleaning of the raw potatoes, the peeling process as well as the cooking or blanching. The use of water is necessary but also cost-intensive. Smart and customized wastewater solutions by DAS Environmental Expert help to optimize the raw materials used and transform the byproducts of the potato processing into reusable material.