Wastewater Treatment in the Beverage Industry: Energy Recovery, Cost Reduction

Fresh water consumption and wastewater treatment are critical cost factors for beverage manufacturer. Water treatment systems by the DAS Environmental Expert GmbH allow an efficient and cost-effective processing of wastewater.

Energy Efficient Treatment Solutions for Wastewater from Bottling of Beverages

Enterprises in the beverage industry are facing tough competition. Water consumption is one of the most significant cost factors in the sector, since water is the main ingredient of their products such as lemonades, mineral water, juices, beer, wine and cider. In addition, bottle washing, or cleaning of machines and equipment also requires enormous amounts of clean water. This makes fresh water consumption is an essential cost factor in the production of beverages. DAS Environmental Expert supports beverage producers in their wastewater treatment and helps them to lower costs for water supply and wastewater management. The production of soft drinks typically pollutes the process water with sugar and other easily biodegradable substances.

In other branches, such as wine production, for instance, seasonal load fluctuations are of overriding importance. Therefore, we offer you customized wastewater treatment systems matching the technical requirements of your production. Anaerobic treatment technologies do not only allow the reduction of organic load (COD), but also the energy recovery from wastewater. With the Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) technology even the production of biogas from highly loaded wastewater streams is possible. In step 1 of the wastewater treatment, methane is produced which can then be converted into electricity and heat in a cogeneration unit. Subsequently, in the second stage, the aerobic treatment is carried out e.g. using the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) or Trickle Flow Reactor (TFR) to achieve the required discharge limits.

Wastewater Technologies Made in Dresden Applied in the Worldwide Beverage Industry

Step 1:

One of the largest beverage producers of South America contracted us during their production expansion to plan and build their biological wastewater treatment plant. Our wastewater treatment solution consists of Trickle Flow Bioreactors operating efficiently ever since. With a maximum concentration of about 6,000 COD mg/l and a feed of 8m3/h the TFR technology by DAS Environmental Expert reached almost 90% of its degradation capacity within a short time frame. The customer already contracted us to remotely monitor its system before the project was concluded.

Step 2:

The Dresden environmental experts installed a wastewater system in 2017 when a heavy increase in production volume demanded an upgrade. Every day, more than ten different products with a total volume of 3,5 Mio. liters are bottled in the La Matanza site. An adoption of the wastewater treatment became necessary. The corporate leadership in La Matanza, requested that the company’s wastewater treatment was to exclusively use anaerobic methods. In addition, the system had to be automated, operated with a small amount of effort, and requiring the smallest space possible.

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