Worldwide Service for Efficient and Safe Waste Gas Treatment

Good service is a key success factor in order to assure a high system availability. This includes start-up, maintenance, management of spare parts and consumables as well as technical support. Our on-site trainings allow the perfect knowledge transfer to the local responsible. Our broad service portfolio includes everything from the professional tool start-up to the technical support. 

DAS service teams are at your disposal 24/7 worldwide on demand or as a constant onsite team. Our comprehensive, internal training system draws on the experience of our worldwide teams and enables competent and reliable support of DAS waste gas treatment systems.

Service Hotline: +49 351 40494–190

Our Service Portfolio contains the following Offerings:

  • Professional process modification, refitting and upgrades
  • Flexible management of spare parts and consumables
  • Reliable FTIR measurements
  • Comprehensive instruction/trainings onsite or at our headquarters
  • On-site service teams with flexible shift coverage on customer request
  • Digitalisation of service and maintenance including tool optimization
  • Local teams in Europe, North America, China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia

Service Team

Main contact for all service topics is our worldwide service team. In addition to continuous maintenance, the team also undertakes repairs and carries out technically necessary or customer-specific modifications as well as sensor checks on the systems. Our service agreements can define individual maintenance cycles (e.g. monthly, quarterly or half-yearly) or one-time assignments.

Start-up of Waste Gas Treatment Systems

Our service team plans the start-up of the plant together with you. Commissioning is carried out quickly and safely by our experienced service experts. Smooth integration of the new system into the subfab saves time and ensures reliable disposal performance. All interfaces and sensors from and to the customer as well as within the plant are checked for correct, secure functionality.

Technical Support

The main contact for our customers in case of technical problems or questions is our Technical Support team. In addition, Technical Support coordinates improvement potential identified by service, product development and management and ensures the continuous development of DAS Environmental Expert equipment technology worldwide.

Management of Spare Parts and Consumables for DAS Waste Gas Treatment Systems

DAS scrubbers treat condensable, flammable, corrosive, reactive, toxic and/or pyrophoric gases and fine dust. These aggressive substances cause natural wear on certain components, which must be replaced as part of a predictive maintenance or even at short notice. As part of our after-sales, our team prepares a recommendation for the customer’s specific equipment regarding spare parts and consumables. Our team will also assist you in the creation and installation of a warehouse on site.

DAS EE Managings Spare Parts
Das EE Solutions Hub Overview

Connected Service

Plant availability and storage costs can be optimized by the application of digital solutions. We provide you with customized software for this. As part of joint development projects, the flow of information between the subfab and the process tool can generate completely new insights.