DAS EE solution “SALVINIA” for the treatment of industrial wastewater

Flexible, reliable and economical in operation

The requirements for the treatment of different industrial wastewater pose challenges for many industries. With SALVINIA, DAS Environmental Experts offers a unique and scalable solution for the efficient treatment of industrial wastewater with numerous advantages that meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical and paper industries, among others.

The core component of SALVINIA is the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), which enables the degradation of organic wastewater constituents such as proteins, fats, sugars as well as ammonium and nitrate loads. We offer this treatment technology in four standard sizes, which enables particularly fast project implementation and high cost-saving potential: SALVINIA 70, SALVINIA 170, SALVINIA 470 and SALVINIA 1060.

With the help of intelligent sensor control, the pH value, oxygen content and temperature are continuously monitored to create optimum operating conditions for the microorganisms cultivated in the biofilm. These are responsible for the degradation of both organic wastewater constituents and nitrogen compounds. The treatment process is very robust and much more stable than other biological treatment technologies and produces a significantly lower amount of excess sludge compared to conventional activated sludge processes.

Available in four standard sizes, the MBBRs only require a small footprint and enable significant cost optimizations and shorter project runtimes. In addition, the operating controls can be placed in a space-saving container design.

SALVINIA 160 Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

Even under difficult conditions, SALVINIA ensures reliable performance through a robust and stable treatment process. The rapid recovery after any standstill times minimizes potential interruptions to operations.

SALVINIA is suitable both as a low-load stage in a single-stage treatment plant with indirect discharge and as the first part of a two-stage plant with direct discharge. And by combining several SALVINIAs, even the most challenging wastewater situations of our customers can be easily solved.

We will be presenting our pioneering SALVINIA solution at IFAT 2024!
Visit us at the GWP (German Water Partnership) joint stand B2 227/326/18 and let our environmental experts advise you personally. Discover how SALVINIA can help you treat your industrial wastewater in an efficient, space-saving and cost-effective way.


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Roots in botany: Cleaning beyond technology

The name SALVINIA comes from botany and stands for a genus of floating ferns. Just like its namesake, our technology solution is characterized by its cleaning performance by removing excess nutrients from the water and having an oil-absorbing effect.


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