ULTRAPURE MICRO Annual Conference 2023

From October 10–12, 2023, it’s that time again. Austin, Texas will host Ultrapure Micro’s annual conference. UPM has supported the microelectronics industry for more than seven years and is dedicated to advancing promising technologies in semiconductor manufacturing by driving industry-wide collaboration and research.

This year, the UPM conference is particularly focused on industry growth and related challenges such as achieving sustainability goals while increasing production volume and higher quality parameters.

We are particularly pleased to be hosting a round table again this year. This year, Dr. Anita Haupt, Director Process Design Global, will discuss the topic “Role of Biological Wastewater Treatment in Industrial Water Reuse” with interested participants and present DAS EE solution approaches.

SEMICON Taiwan 2023
Event Ultrapure Micro Anual Conference 2023
Date October 10–12th 2023
Location San Marcos Conference Center, TX
More Information https://ultrapuremicroevents.com/
Dr.-Ing. Anita Haupt

Do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr.-Ing. Anita Haupt

Director Process Design Water Treatment