Innovative Technologies for Environmental and Human Health Protection, and Work Safety

Our technology makes a significant contribution to ensuring the safety of people and the environment. We uphold the same standards of sustainability for all our processes for the development and production of customer-specific solutions, and we continuously control and improve on those standards. Energy-efficiency of all our systems is a high-priority for our development engineers. We proudly partner with the most important industries worldwide, which are developing at a fast pace and take great strides in innovation. Along with the manufacturing of high-tech products, our partners are in food production,

textile-manufacturing, paper and agricultural products, as well as waste disposal on landfill sites. We are actively involved with experts from these industries and our developments benefit from the direct exchange of experience with the end users. As an environmental technology company, we take a leadership role in Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Everyone is encouraged to contribute, so that future generations will live in a better world.

Our Responsibility

Economic Responsibility: Forward-Thinking Business Management to Benefit Future Generations

Our scrubber-solutions for waste gas abatement meet the highest standards in energy efficiency, and through our PLC-programming and the use of smart sensors, we provide smart solutions for energy-efficient operations.

In order to further optimize our products, we invest in Research & Development (R & D) facilities. In the wastewater sector, we continue to strengthen the development of our sustainable processes and products, with our experts focused primarily on water recycling.

Such investments are at the core of our environmental technology company. We ensure productivity and growth worldwide through the long-term success of future-oriented investments like the opening of our Innovation & Service Centers in Taiwan and the U.S.

Ecological Responsibility: Resource-Conserving Business Management

As a medium-sized environmental technology company, we lead by example. Since 2014, our environmental management has been ISO 14001-certified. Our customers value the high standards of our systems and solutions that ensure the safety of their employees, their production processes and the environment. We strongly support clean and environmentally-friendly production at our customers’ facilities, which greatly benefits the environment.


We treat 33 million m3 of waste gas each day. That corresponds to the annual CO2- binding capacity of a forest covering an area sixteen times larger than Dresden. In addition, we treat 6,365m3 (1.68 million gallons) of wastewater per day, which is equal to 45,400 filled bathtubs. In the environmental sector, we aim to be the company that leads with innovative spirit and high standards, and, in compliance with the worldwide, renowned and respected reputation of engineering products that are ‘Made in Germany’.

Social Responsibility: Fair Treatment of Employees and Partners, and Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility towards Employees

We believe our employees are the foundation of our entire development and, together, our collaborative spirit is the foundation of our success. Respectful relationships, trust and loyalty are the fundamental values that guide our actions. Self-actualization is explicitly welcome. We promote people who are committed to making a difference.

In addition, DAS Environmental Expert supports its employees with various benefits like…

Flexible work time shifts

Financial support for childcare

Health Management Support

Recognition of special occasions

Many joint activities

Education and Training Support

Participation in the Dresden Job Ticket

Social Commitment at our Dresden Location

We support national and international projects that relate to issues that concern us. Projects that involve schools and children are particularly important to us, such as the promotion of young researchers in the natural sciences, and sports activities. Environmental Experts of the future are our focus. We create training programs for apprentices, students and interns, and we guide them, in collaboration with colleges and universities, to successful graduation.

We have maintained a long partnership with Dresden Bürgerwiesen high school that began in September 2010 with our participation in a sponsored run for the new school building. Since then, we have taken part in environmental projects with the students like ‘Plant-for-the-Planet’, where the students planted trees in Dresden to contribute to lowering CO2-emissions. Next to providing financial support to the school, DAS Environmental Expert offers the students opportunities to put their know-how to practice at our company’s student internships and themed events.

To spark children’s interest in natural sciences, DAS Environmental Expert has provided financial support to furnish Dresden Bürgerwiesen high school’s environmental laboratory with cutting-edge equipment. In collaboration with the school to create interesting environmental projects, we plan to open the student laboratory to other Dresden schools.


Memberships Worldwide

  • Silicon Saxony
  • SEMI
  • Semiconductor Climate Consortium
  • Fab Owners Association
  • Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association
  • tekom Deutschland e.V. — Society for Technical Communication
  • German Water Partnership e.V.
  • UltraPure Micro
  • Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V. (DWA)
  • GWP — German Water Partnership
  • HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V.
  • Association of German Engineers (VDI)
  • German Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics e.V. (BME)