DAS Environmental Expert Celebrates 25th Anniversary


25 Years Environmental Technology from Dresden

Dresden, June 15, 2016. Expertise for environmental technologies from Germany for the world: The Dresden based DAS Environmental Expert GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary. Since its foundation in 1991 the company specializes in the abatement of industrial gases and became an established company within the semiconductor industry. Today, the environmental technology company is an established supplier for nearly all big semiconductor manufacturers. It is one of the globally leading manufacturers of Point-Of-Use (POU) waste gas treatment systems for the treatment and decontamination of process gases which are typical in the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries. In 2006 the company diversified successfully into the development and construction of wastewater treatment systems for industrial and municipal wastewaters. Now, during its anniversary, DAS can look back at a successful diversification and business development worldwide.

A success story over 25 years

In 2015 the nearly 300 employees achieved a turnover of 46,7 million Euro. Over the last five years the number of employees has doubled, the yearly turnover has tripled and the production area has grown by four times. The successful internationalization of the DAS Environmental Expert GmbH is symbolized by an export rate greater than 98% and independent subsidiaries in Taiwan, China, Singapore, Hongkong, Argentina and the USA.

Expansion of manufacturing capacities at Headquarters

In March 2016 the capacities of the manufacturing site in Dresden were expanded for the second time due to the positive order situation. A two-story new building was constructed in less than 12 months. With an investment of 1,2 million Euro an additional manufacturing space of 400 square meters has been realized which is now the new home of 18 employees responsible for the electronics manufacturing.

Passing on of the baton: Generation change in the family company

With this 25th anniversary the founder Dr. Horst Reichardt will pass on the baton to his son René Reichardt who will take over responsibility for the operational business. Horst Reichardt will continue to bring in his extensive experience and technological expertise to the business. „It has always been my long-term goal that the company will stay family owned over the years. Ten years ago my son René joined the company, six years ago my younger daughter Anke. Both have already left their footprints on the strategic development of the company. I experience that as a fortunate coincidence which unfortunately happens to too few family businesses”, says Horst Reichardt. „With each anniversary we celebrate the team achievements. Today, the company could hardly be in a better situation“, says the new general manager René Reichardt. „Since our last big anniversary, five years ago, there was a positive and dynamic company development: 2011 our manufacturing reached an amount of 220 tools annually, 2016 we will reach 600. Five years ago our tools cleaned 1,3 million cubic meters per day – this equals a forest area four times as big as Dresden. Today we clean 2,7 million cubic meters per day – a forest area nine times as big as Dresden“, summarizes René Reichardt.

Launch of the first DAS supplier award

The company celebrates the huge success story with employees, customers, partners and friends during an anniversary party on June 15th. On this occasion the first DAS supplier award will be handed over to the winner. The growth of DAS is directly linked to the performance of its suppliers. Special focus was on the acknowledgement of Rokutec being one of the TOP 5 suppliers. Rokutec currently provides DAS with more than 250 different plastic parts, assemblies and immersion pumps. With the award DAS honors the extraordinary performance of the German company. „Being flexible, quality oriented and innovative Rokutec contributed a lot to our growth over the last years”, states René Reichardt.