DAS Environmental Expert GmbH expands its headquarters in Dresden


Doubling of production capacity of waste gas treatment systems for the semiconductor industry

Dresden, 28th March 2022. DAS Environmental Expert GmbH creates a new manufacturing facility. Following renovation and construction work, a warehouse and a two-story building with a canteen and a coworking space are built on the site on Goppelner Straße, adding around 9,200 square meters to the Dresden headquarters.

With the new facility, which covers around 3,600 square meters, the environmental technology company is laying the foundations for doubling its production capacity of waste gas treatment systems for the semiconductor industry. The systems are important components for the treatment of hazardous and environmentally harmful exhaust gases from microchip production and are used by customers all over the world. The company is investing a total of around 35 million euros in the construction of the new facility and canteen building.

Handing over the symbolic keys for the new facility: René Reichardt, Managing Director DAS Environmental Expert GmbH and Johanna Lindenlaub, Head of Goldbeck branch office in Erfurt

Economic growth makes expansion necessary

With the expansion of its manufacturing site DAS reacts to the positive business development of the past years. The specialist for environmental technologies has grown continuously and now employs 450 people at the company headquarters in Dresden. “Despite the pandemic, 2021 was our most successful year economically,” says René Reichardt, Managing Director of DAS Environmental Expert GmbH. “The forecasts for the upcoming year also look good. Our goal is to proceed the continuous economic growth. To achieve this, investing in higher production capacities is the decisive key.” Demand for industrial waste gas treatment equipment is particularly strong in the semiconductor industry. “We sell our waste gas treatment systems all over the world. However, the Asian market offers the highest potential. Here, despite great competitive pressure, we are strongly positioned for the future,” says René Reichardt.

Sustainable and resource-efficient construction concept

From the beginning of the construction, DAS focused on a sustainable and resource-efficient construction concept. The new production site’s heating and cooling systems are supplied by heat pumps and deep drilling. At the time of acquisition, there was a granary located on the site, which was refurbished and converted into a warehouse with sustainability in mind. “In general, the development of the new site was a major challenge,” says Falk Weber, head of the expansion project at DAS Environmental Expert GmbH. “We had to develop the entire infrastructure for the site from scratch. Power lines, water pipes and natural gas supply are completely new. In addition, there was a waste dump on the site of the new parking lot. We remediated, sealed and converted this in coordination with the municipality of Dresden.” In addition, the company is creating 30 charging stations for electric vehicles and 150 bicycle stands to promote sustainable mobility among the employees.

Employees design new office space

In addition to the new production and storage areas, the project also included a new office building at the heart of the site. While the new canteen is located on the lower floor, the upper floor offers 540 square meters of office space designed according to the “New Work Environment” concept. DAS placed the concrete design largely in the hands of its employees. With surveys, interviews and various workshops, an internal project team developed a suitable concept together with an external partner. “The New Work Environment is a project by our employees for our employees. That’s why we left most of the opinion-forming and decision-making to our staff,” says René Reichardt. The result is an office space that is tailored to the desires and requirements of the employees and promotes free working. Employees now find ergonomic work equipment and workstations for their respective activities, as well as meeting boxes, silent work areas or telephone booths. The expansion of the headquarters has even more news in store for employees: in the future, they can look forward to their own fitness rooms, a sports area and a roof terrace for team events.

Completion on time and without complications

The construction project was completed on schedule despite the impact of the pandemic. “We are grateful to all those involved in the project for the frictionless process. Above all, the intensive coordination with the environmental and construction authorities of the city of Dresden was very cooperative and ensured that we were able to complete the project on time,” says Falk Weber. DAS celebrated the completion of the project, including the symbolic handover of the keys, together with the general contractor Goldbeck. “The development of sustainable construction projects for forward-looking companies is one of our specialties. We are very pleased to be able to make our contribution to the construction of the new facility for DAS and to now hand over the keys on schedule,” says Johanna Lindenlaub, Head of Goldbeck branch office in Erfurt. 

DAS used public subsidies from the Free State of Saxony in the amount of 2.7 million euros to build the new facility. The measure is co-financed with tax funds based on the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament. 

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