DAS Inaugurates Environmental Lab at School in Dresden


Technical University Dresden, High School Bürgerwiese and DAS Environmental Expert sign letter of intent for citywide students‘ lab.

DAS Equips School Lab With Modern Technology

A students’ laboratory with the focus on environmental topics has been inaugurated today at the High School Bürgerwiese. DAS’ company founder Dr. Horst Reichardt had the idea during the time when the school was newly constructed: “Since 2010 we are working together regularly with the High School Bürgerwiese and support projects, such as Plant-for-the-Planet or the Economical Week. With the new laboratory we would like to offer the possibility for interested students to find answers to questions around the topics air, water and soil.”

To make this project possible Reichardt bought the first equipment for the lab comprising microscopes, spectrometers, pH- and CO2 temperature sensors. “We do commit ourselves to equip the lab also in the future with the necessary materials.” adds René Reichardt, Director of the Business Unit Water at DAS. “A sustainable use of the lab, ideally by all students of Dresden, is important to us.”

Reichardt did win strong partners with the High School Bürgerwiese and the Technical University Dresden for the environmental lab. The school director Jens Reichel provides not only the premises and supervising teachers, but supports students and their project works beyond the curriculum with his commitment at “Youth in Science”. Prof. Thomas Herlitzius of the Centre for Natural Materials Technology at the Technical University Dresden will ensure the variety of topics and academical approach of the lab. The Centre will contribute latest research topics and ideas.

With the help of this cooperation the professional and study preparation of the students will be a lot more related to practice. The necessity for this is obvious to Reichardt: “The importance of environmental technologies in the industry is steadily growing and opens new perspectives for young professionals. Maybe the one or other career of these students will start in many years at DAS.”