Fit for the future: DAS Environmental Expert GmbH expands its management team

Global growth — global management team. With the aim of tapping into new business areas and overcoming entrepreneurial challenges and areas of responsibility, DAS Environmental Expert GmbH is starting 2024 with three management changes. Specifically, the company wants to strengthen topics such as ESG (environmental, social, governance), Corporate Culture and Business  Development at management level. Other key global positions have been filled with internally grown experts. All personnel changes have been effective since 1 January 2024.

  • As Chief Quality and ESG Officer, Dr Ute Mareck is responsible for developing the sustainability strategy.
  • As Chief Culture Officer, Daniela Georgi develops the corporate culture of the globally growing environmental technology company.
  • Dr Guy Davies drives new business areas as Chief Business Development Officer.
Ute Mareck, Chief Quality und ESG Officer

Dr Ute Mareck, Chief Quality und ESG Officer

Daniela Georgi, Chief Culture Officer

Daniela Georgi, Chief Culture Officer 

Guy Davies, Chief Business Development Officer

Dr Guy Davies, Chief Business Development Officer

Sustainability and corporate culture as forward-looking fields of action

Sustainability has been anchored in DAS EE’s philosophy since the company was founded. By integrating ESG at management level, the company is emphasising the importance of further developing its strategic management, particularly in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility. In addition to her existing duties, Dr Ute Mareck will assume primary responsibility for the further development of the Code of Conduct and sustainability reporting. “Her expertise and commitment to integrity and sustainability are invaluable to our company. This applies above all to the implementation and promotion of these values,” explains René Reichardt, Chief Executive Officer of DAS Environmental Expert GmbH.

DAS EE is also delighted to welcome Daniela Georgi to the Management Board as Chief Culture Officer. As head of the HR and marketing departments, she will assume responsibility for the further development of the corporate culture worldwide. Her focus is on the sustainable satisfaction and effective collaboration of DAS’ global teams. She is also responsible for promoting equal opportunities, adaptive organisation and diversity. Daniela Georgi is also responsible for the further development of global corporate communications and marketing. Chief Executive Officer René Reichardt: “It is our vision to cultivate an open, respectful and informal corporate culture. All of this serves the innovative strength, quality standards and efficiency of our work. I am delighted that Daniela Georgi will strategically accompany and support our mission with her great expertise.”

Dr Guy Davies is responsible for the development of new business areas. His focus is on identifying and developing new markets and opportunities that promote both economic growth and sustainability. He is also the central point of contact for the development of new products in various regions worldwide, taking into account local conditions and requirements in order to develop customised solutions for global customers. Guy Davies has been a member of the Management Board for 13 years and is now contributing his experience as Chief Business Development Officer. “Dr Guy Davies is a long-standing and trusted executive. With him, we want to pave the way to new successes with a forward-looking approach and a high level of expertise,” Reichardt continues.

Expansion of the global management structure

In order to meet the increased demand for environmental technology solutions worldwide, the company is strengthening its sales and service business for the locations in Malaysia and Singapore, Korea, Japan and the USA. As General Manager, Jörg Hoppe will be responsible for corporate development and successful business expansion in Singapore and Malaysia with immediate effect. His previous responsibilities will thus be extended to include personnel responsibility for the entire team as well as strategic corporate development on site.

As part of the establishment of a new management structure in Asia, Patrick Kim has been appointed Regional Head of Operations for DAS in Korea. Since joining DAS EE in Korea in 2019, Patrick Kim has contributed significantly to market growth as Business Development Director. With his expertise in the semiconductor industry, he will take over operational tasks in the context of business development and financial management.

In Japan, Teddy Wang takes up the position of Regional Head of Operations with the aim of establishing a high-performance service support organisation and opening up new markets in  Japan. This is DAS’ response to the economic upturn in the country and the associated opportunities for industrial and environmental technology solutions. As Application and Account Manager, Teddy Wang has been responsible for establishing and promoting business development in Japan since 2020.

Preston Nance has been appointed General Manager for the US site. His strategic focus in the new position is on supporting semiconductor and PV manufacturers with efficient solutions for waste gas and wastewater treatment. Chief Executive Officer René Reichardt is delighted with the addition to the global management team: “With the global expansion of our DAS Board, we are entrusting our long-standing and valued colleagues with new responsibilities and challenges. I would like to thank them all for their great commitment and the passion with which they have pursued their tasks to date. I wish our team continued success, joy and creativity.”