Point-of-Use Waste Gas Treatment with the Electrostatic Filter EDC

EDC stands for “electrostatic dust collector”. These systems are responsible for the treatment of micro and nanoparticle-containing or aerosol-containing process waste gases as they accrue in the photovoltaic, LED, TFT and semiconductor industry.

Waste Gas Treatment – EDC

Treatment of Waste Gases with EDC

The dust collector reduces particle emissions of even the finest particles up to 99.9 % and successfully prevents exhaust blockage. It can be used with the most abatement devices. Access for operating and maintenance is possible from the front and back.

Operating Principle of the EDC Product Line

The waste gases are introduced in a pre-scrubber and following in a tank which is simultaneously storage tank for the scrubbing liquid. The pre-scrubber is equipped with nozzles, which saturate the gas flow with water, and create a turbulent flow. Afterwards, the waste gas is channeled into the electrostatic dust collector tube, where the contained micro and nanoparticles are ionised and precipitated in a grounded water film on the water wall. The filtered fine dust is suspended into the scrubber solution. The dust collector is equipped with an automatic self-cleaning mechanism for the emission electrodes. Remaining residual gases meet the strict German standards for air pollution law (TA Luft).

Operation Principal EDC NoSensors

EDC/EDC PLUS — Reduction of Micro and Nanoparticle Emissions at the Point-of-Use

EDC and EDC PLUS are electrostatic dust collector for point-of-use treatment of micro and nanoparticle-containing or aerosol-containing process waste gases up to 270 m3/h like how they accrue, for example, in solar cell or flat panel display (FPD/LCD) manufacturing. The dust collector reduces emissions of silicon oxide and other particles up to 99.9%.

Product Overview EDC/EDC-PLUS


  • Efficient treatment of particle-containing or aerosol-containing waste gas flows
  • All solid particles suspended in liquid (no dry dust handling)
  • Extremely low particle emission
  • High safety standards (all critical parameters are sensor monitored)
  • Interface to upstream abatement systems

Technical Data

  • Measurements (D × W × H): 830/1500 mm × 855/1000 mm × 2100 mm
  • Access to maintenance area on front and back side
  • Gas entry: DN100/DN150
  • Gas outlet: DN100/DN200

The following equipment options are available for all EDC systems:

  • Power Supply: 3 x 400 V/50 Hz or 3 x 208 V/60 Hz
  • Pressure controlled fan
  • Lye supply system
  • Process-Tool-Interface
  • Signal Tower
  • Drip Pan
  • Earthquake Safety Kit
  • Monitoring
  • SEMI S2 certification