Digital Solutions for Cutting-Edge System Service

Connected Services for DAS Environmental Experts is the use of digital support to perform maintenance before it becomes necessary. Forward planning and anticipatory maintenance recognize system problems early on and initiate appropriate measures before a sudden system stop occurs, which enables optimal system availability. Spare and wear parts can be ordered just in time and storage costs remain low.

Modern Service Concepts for Optimum Support of Waste Gas Treatment Systems

DAS Environmental Experts develops client-specific software solutions with its clients in joint development projects that involve remote maintenance-enabling preventative actions. Sensor data transmitted to our service center also allows analysis of  types of errors and Preventative Maintenance (PM) intervals. Comparison models and algorithms

determine future operating ability and anticipated downtime of a specific tool. The service center monitors tools 24/7 via the Internet and defines PM intervals. Specific adjustments are performed directly from the service center without the need for a service technician on site.

Data Logging in DAS Waste Gas Abatement Systems – PLC Integrated Solutions

Prerequisites for Data Logging in DAS Waste Gas Abatement Systems:
  • System equipped with NS5-Touchpanel (ESCAPE 2014 and onward, all STYRAX)
  • Software update of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) à requires brief tool time
  • Software update of touch panel à requires no tool tim
  • System access to read metering data (every 1 – 3 months)


  • Address-based Data Log function of all sensors and data
  • Complete internal representation in PLC and touch panel software
  • No impact on system operation; data recording only
  • User interface in password-protected parameter area
  • Recording of up to 13 analogs and 16 digital sensors
  • Pre-configured setting of data points in formulae, importable and exportable
  • Data storage as CSV file on CF card in the PLC
  • DAS Environmental Experts internal evaluation with specifically programmed software

Data Logging in DAS Environmental Experts Waste Gas Abatement Systems – Industrial Router

Prerequisites for Data Logging in DAS Environmental Expert Waste Gas Abatement Systems
  • System equipped with Ethernet
  • Temporary Internet access for data transfer to DAS Environmental Experts (VPN tunnel, without accessing client’s internal data network)
  • Does not require software update or tool time
  • One-time system access for installation


  • Industrial router with Data Log function for all sensors and data
  • Certified for OMRON PLC
  • No impact of client’s system monitoring, internal or external installation
  • No impact on system operation, data transfer only
  • Monitoring of several systems parallel possible (10 max)
  • Internal data storage on SD card or direct transmission
  • Access via supplier software including rights management and users (access via Web interface possible)
  • System and data analysis, remote monitoring possible
Preventive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance
System always in optimal maintenance condition
–> prevents system failures
System always in optimal maintenance condition 
–>prevents system failures
Carried out in regular intervalsCarried out when needed; based on current data and measurement values as well as system condition
Reaction to changing circumstances is difficultEarly proactive action in case of changing circumstances is possible
Prerequisite: Availability of data and their correct interpretation