Worldwide Technical Support for DAS Waste Gas Treatment Systems

The Technical Support department is the first point of contact for technical support for both our customers and our in-house service technicians. Our goal is to provide fast, solution-oriented customer support to prevent malfunctions of DAS equipment in the production process. After a detailed collection of all necessary information, measures are initiated and coordinated by our team that will support your time, cost and quality goals.

If required, we also support you preventively by training your staff to avoid disturbances. Based on our experience from worldwide service activities, we support the product development in case of technical problems and solutions. Of course, reporting and documentation are also part of our services portfolio. Thus, we ensure a worldwide, continuous development of our systems and a steady knowledge build-up of our service technicians for process waste gas treatment.

Service Hotline +49 351 40494–190

Our service portfolio in the area of technical support

  • Support for trouble shooting
  • Change Management for customers & subsidiaries
  • Guidance for new product launches
  • Tracking and Reporting of field data
  • Supervision of approval processes at the user site


A detailed reporting system is indispensable for a detailed error analysis and comprehensive field data analysis. For this reason, the technical support department applies a ticket system that supports both plant optimization and product maintenance. On the basis of field data, maintenance dates can be planned in advance and preventative modifications can be arranged.

Your benefits:

  • Responsibility to collect alarm, service and field data
  • Responsibility for preparing, analyzing and presenting relevant data
  • Responsibility to collect and analyze field test data
  • Status reports for CIP


Our Technical Support Team will provide you with a product specific training for your operators and maintenance personnel. Our trainers are specifically trained and qualified.

The reporting portfolio includes:

  • On-site & in-house training according to our worldwide training levels (service and tool level)
  • Periodically refreshed DAS training documents (for all products)
  • Knowledge Transfer according to our worldwide, comparable training levels


To ensure long-term stable plant operation and to meet the increasing demands on quality and safety, continuous and complete documentation is essential.

Our documentation includes:

  • Periodically refreshed standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Technical summaries for retrofits (including SOPs)
  • Identification best practice
  • Vendor Change notifications
  • Technical updates for customer and subsidiaries