Wastewater Treatment Technologies by DAS

The best available technologies (BAT) in the field of wastewater treatment include a variety of processes. The detailed testing and accurate design of these wastewater treatment processes is the core competence of DAS Environmental Experts.

Our Technology Portfolio

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH applies with a broad portfolio of biological and chemical-physical wastewater treatment processes. Our team designs individual wastewater treatment processes that are tailored to your needs and requirements and that you can rely on.

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Biological wastewater treatment systems provide solutions for the removal of organic wastewater contents, ammonium and nitrate contaminations. DAS Environmental Expert wastewater technology treats wastewaters from different industries safely, reliably, ecologically-sustainably and efficiently. Our portfolio for the biological treatment of industrial wastewater includes the entire range of modern biological treatment technologies.

Chemical and Physical Wastewater Treatment

Depending on the composition of the wastewater, the chemical and physical treatments often take place in individual steps starting with mechanical preliminary cleaning. Depending on the pollution degree, the wastewater must then be treated by chemical processes. Through an intelligent and targeted use of the respective wastewater treatment processes, our experts will find the right solution for your specific requirements.