Wastewater Treatment in the Textile Industry: Clean Water Despite Demanding Production Processes

The textile industry is an intensive producer of wastewater. The wastewater produced during the production of yarns and fabrics contains a very diverse range of chemicals and dyes. The DAS Environmental Expert GmbH offers a safe and cost-saving facility specifically designed for the production processes in question.

Tailormade Plants for Wastewater Treatment in the Textile Industry

A reliable wastewater treatment is extremely important for the production of textiles. Water is needed in many production steps, both when manufacturing yarns and fabrics and during textile finishing. The wastewater produced during these processes contains a very diverse range of chemicals and dyes.

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH has profound experience in treating demanding industrial wastewater. We also offer suitable solutions for the cleaning and decolorization of wastewater from the textile industry. Different techniques are required, depending on the quantity of wastewater and the type of pollution.

Our Solutions for Textile Manufacturers

The textile production makes use of several thousand different substances, ranging from solvents to resins and from caustic soda to bleach. The applied processes can differ significantly from factory to factory. But all fabs have one thing in common: During rinsing, which is necessary after many of the process steps, it is impossible to completely avoid some measure of the substances used ending up in the wastewater.

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH helps you to reliably remove problematic substances from the wastewater. We know about the enormous range of manufacturing and finishing processes in the textile industry. Therefore, we combine the right technologies for cost-effective and energy-efficient wastewater treatment in your plant. Our experts for wastewater treatment design the right plant specifically designed for your production processes.

The textile industry is an intensive producer of wastewater. We make sure that problematic substances are reliably removed from the wastewater before it can be discharged into municipal wastewater systems or surface waters. Of course, we will continue to offer you our excellent service also after the commissioning of your wastewater treatment — and we will even operate the system for you if required.

Energy Efficient Wastewater Treatment due to Heat Recovery

Warm process water can be used to heat cold fresh water. This helps to optimize the temperatures of the water streams and reduce the energy demand of the wastewater treatment. The E‑Plate heat exchanger from DAS Environmental Expert GmbH uses double-wall plates (“thermal plates”), which are kept clean at all times with a simple cleaning system.